Lava Hair prides itself with going above and beyond when it comes to safety protocols, especially when it comes to keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Our staff, just like many others in the customer service industry and working on the front lines, have experienced an increase in witnessing or being a part of confrontation surrounding the topic of vaccinations. It has brought on anxiety and emotional distress to the team which has made us re-evaluate our protocols going forward.  

Unless the government of Alberta or The City of Calgary decides to change the protocol or restrictions yet again, Lava Hair’s COVID-19 protocol is as follows:

  •  o   Due to occupancy restrictions that limit us to 1/3 capacity, our salon has chosen to extend our business hours from 9am to 9pm AND add an extra day (Monday) to the schedule to accommodate all client appointments.
  • o   To avoid congestion, we ask that clients come unaccompanied and arrive promptly to their appointment. If the clients is under the age of 13, we will permit one person to accompany them to their appointment.
  • o   We ask that clients do not bring outside food and/or drinks to their appointment.
  • o   We will NOT be asking for proof of vaccination. However, we would appreciate it if our clients would join us in your mission to become a fully vaccinated salon.